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Independent research company ViB surveyed enterprises with annual revenues from US$250M to more than US$5B and collected responses from more than 250 organizations globally. 

The overall picture is that organizations are very concerned about their ability to protect the network. In the answers that respondents gave to the survey questions, these key themes were strongly evident:

  1. 96% of Respondents are operating on-premise or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Clearly the need to protect physical networks is not being eroded by a move to cloud technologies.
  2. Organizations lack Visibility into what's happening on their networks, making it difficult for them to detect and investigate security and performance issues.
  3. Alert fatigue, tool fatigue, and lack of integration between tools make investigations slow and resource-intensive. Organizations need greater Agility.
  4. The Economics of purchasing and deploying solutions is limiting organizations’ ability to defend their networks efficiently and cost-effectively.


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